It’s time again for the Discarded to Divine show in San Francisco. This event is put on by the St. Vincent de Paul Society of San Francisco. Designers are invited to spend a day digging through the donation bins in order to find garments and textiles that can be used to create a new fashion item. Once the item is created it is given back to the St. Vincent de Paul to be auctioned off at their Discarded to Divine show. The event is filled with great fashion and food. The best part is checking out all of the items that have been created using recycled garments and fabric. All the money raised is used to help the homeless and needy of San Francisco. For more information check out their website.

This year I used a stripe skirt that I found. I turned the stripes and used them vertically in my hat. My hat is a tall top hat with 10 panels in the crown. The interior of the hat is built using stiff buckram and sewable boning to help the hat hold it’s shape.  The trim piece uses sewable boning and millinery wire. I finished off  the ends of the trim piece using the self fabric button loops that I found on the skirt.