About Me

My name is Sarah Padgham. I am a hat designer. I have a degree in Fashion Design from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, and a master’s degree in Organizational Management and Development from the University of Phoenix. I became interested in hats when I took a hat making class at a local community college. I ended up taking the class over and over again. I loved it!

I make blocked wool felt and straw hats. Most of my blocked hats are free form, meaning I use a plain head to block them and I create all of the pleats or shaping myself. I love to work with the felt and straw and see how far I can push it, how can I manipulate it, and then make it stay that way. I also make sewn fabric hats. I create all of my own patterns. I really enjoy the mathematical aspect of working on the measurements and making the pattern work. All of my hats are fully lined with a Petersham ribbon sweatband.

I use many different sources for inspiration when building my line. Modern architectural shapes, vintage accessories, couture fashion, and nature are just a few of these sources. I love quality and precision and this is evident in the construction of my pieces. Beautiful topstitching and precise inside finishing are just a few of the details that make my hats special.